Caravan Storage FAQ’s

Caravan Storage at Clear Storage Hereford with Cassoa Gold accredited badge

Here at Clear Storage Hereford, we don’t just offer award winning self-storage, we also offer CASSOA Gold Standard Caravan Storage in Hereford which includes storing your motorhome or boat.

It has proven to be very popular with our customers so we have decided to do a FAQ’s post and there’s no better person to ask these questions to other than Laura, our brilliant Customer Services Manager.

To start with, an easy one! – What is caravan storage?
Caravan storage refers to a facility or designated area where individuals can securely store their caravans or recreational vehicles (motorhomes or boats) when they are not in use.

Why should I consider caravan storage?
Caravan storage offers several benefits, such as providing a secure location to store your caravan when you don’t have enough space at home, protecting your vehicle from weather damage, and offering added security against theft.

How much does caravan storage cost?
The cost of our caravan storage in Hereford can be found here.

What security measures are typically in place at Clear Storage caravan storage facility?
At our site in Rotherwas, Hereford we offer gated access with the convenience of key prob entry between the hours 5am and 10pm, 24 hours CCTV surveillance with motion sensor CCTV plus we also have a security guard with dog who visits the site at night.

Can I access my caravan whenever I want?
You can access your caravan between the hours of 5am and 10pm, 365 days a year.

Are there any restrictions on what can be stored in a caravan?
The only restriction we have in place is people cannot stay overnight, however there are items which we recommend you should not store please refer to our previous post <link> – we do recommend that you disconnect all gas bottles.

Do I need insurance for my caravan in storage?
Yes, insurance is still recommended.

How long can I store my caravan at a facility?
We get asked this question a lot and our simple answer is as long as you want!

Can I make modifications or repairs to my caravan while it’s in storage?
You can make repairs but you cannot refurbish your caravan, boat or motorhome on site. You can get it serviced using our on-site service bay. We are visited regularly by a number of caravan servicing specialists.

Can I clean my caravan / motorhome on site?
Yes, we have a specially designed wash bay facility which includes “Dirt Driver” pressure washer which provides hot / cold water and foam. To use the pressure washer there is a small charge, tokens are available to purchase in the office and can be used at your leisure. There is also access to an outside electricity source where you can plug in Vacuum cleaners etc.

How do I prepare my caravan for storage?
To prepare your caravan for storage, it’s recommended to clean it thoroughly, remove any perishable items, disconnect the battery, and consider using protective coverings. Also, see our post <Clear Storage Tips When Storing Your Caravan or Motorhome>

How do I pay for storage?
When you book your Caravan storage space, we set up a direct debit which is taken 4 weekly. To cancel we only need 7 days’ notice.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 01432 809521.

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