What you shouldn’t put into self-storage

2 people moving into self storage, handing a box to one another

Self-storage is the ideal place to store all your personal belongings. People use self-storage for many reasons including needing extra space at home, storing items in the winter, moving to a smaller house, temporary storage during renovation or building work or moving out of student accommodation.

Whatever your need is for self-storage there are some items you should not store in your unit.

There are many storage companies which have their own rules and regulations, here are Clear Storage Hereford’s list of prohibited goods:

No Food Symbol  Food or perishable goods so they do not attract vermin

No live animals Symbol  Any living creatures.

No Combustibles symbol  Combustible or flammable substances such as gas, paint, petrol, oil, cleaning solvents or compressed gases, not only are these dangerous they will contaminate the other items stored in the unit.

No Firearms symbol  Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition.

  Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents including toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially hazardous substances.

No Fumes Symbol  Any item that emits fumes, or odours.

No Drugs Symbol  Any illegal item or substances or goods illegally obtained such as illicit (counterfeit/ smuggled) tobacco or alcohol and unlicensed or unsafe goods such as medicines, aerosols or fireworks.

No Environmental harmful substances symbol  Goods which are environmentally harmful or that are a risk to the property of any person.

No Furs or paintings symbol  Furs, paintings, jewellery, curios, works of art exceeding £10,000 in value any one item and/or £50,000 in total unless agreed to as they are often excluded from the insurance policy.

No Currency symbol  Currency, bullion or similar

If you have an item which is not covered by the above prohibited goods but you are still not sure, please get in contact.

Click here for a downloaded & Printable PDF Prohibited Goods List.

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